The Bridal PARTY


SO, you're getting married, eh? You picked your bridal party- you put in the dirty work, you had a bridezilla moment or five..and now you need a pedi, a glass of bubbly and a tan because its time to celebrate you, your friends and your wedding: BACHELORETTE style.


Nestled Escapes for Summer Weddings


Ahhhhh.. the sun is out! Poetry is oh so grateful to be a native to southern California. We aren't shy of the outdoors; ocean, cliffs, scenic routes, hidden valleys, and nature walks. Our home is a place to see and be seen everywhere one might glance! This means that your wedding day should be just as spectacular and awe inspiring, after all it is one of the most memorable days of your life. This week's blog is a look at our favorite relaxing summer wedding spots. If you are new to your search on wedding venues then take a few minutes and check our picks!


Wedding of the Century


The Wedding of the Century between Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton is now over, they are officially the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge. The Huffington Post reports that the two lovebirds will be spending their lovely honeymoon in Seychelles, however, most of us are at work catching up on the latest news. So its never to late to look back and re-cap the amazing moments that will stand the test of time standard time. Here at Poetry our goal was to keep you informed of this regal, once in a lifetime experience. (How did we do?) The media was all over this world wide event. As well as our fans, followers and friends! So, we started our latest piece early Friday a.m. to share this wedding experience with you! You can scroll down to also see Poetry's favorite blogs of the past months for wedding tips and styles that are as breathtaking as Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton's priceless ceremony. P.S. Leave us your feedback, we want to hear you experience!

Easter, Easter Read All About It!


San Diego readers.. Easter is this Sunday! We know its almost the weekend and coming up with a quick plan is never as easy as it seems. So let Poetry do the work for you. With a little help we found a few brunch locations and Easter egg "spotlights" to take your loved ones this Easter. So after church gatherings or before the Easter egg hunts take a break and capture this special Sunday with those closest to you.

Tax Return Splendor!


April 18th is “Tax Day” as many American's call it, otherwise known as “tax deadline”. According to USA Today's article “Tax Day freebies lure with come-ons but push for spending” many businesses are offering freebies and giveaways for this coming Monday. So are you one of the many whose licked, stamped and sealed your tax information for the Internal Revenue Service? As most of us gear up for Monday, some of us leave our local post office cringing as we say goodbye to another check in the mail while others grin as they know their return will be awaiting their bank account in just a few weeks to the date. To those of you who are grimacing over the three letters I.R.S, Poetry understands your feelings. However, to you lucky Poetry followers out there who are expecting a little sum of something extra in your pocket, “Whatever shall you do with this new found spare change?”

Be an Iconic Bride


As we honor the passing of an icon, Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011) Woman must embrace her beauty both on and off the silver screen. Her presence devoured an audience with just a simple stare and her graciousness withstood a timeless presence that has captured her fans for years thereafter. Thus, Poetry would like to honor her in all her beauty as we celebrate her life. The marriages of Elizabeth Taylor (8 total!) have remained infamous in their own right. Topping Instyle Weddings, Top Celebrity Brides of All Time, twice as #1 and #11. The photos of Ms. Taylor in her gown have captured America's hearts as her timeless images remain a vision that woman today still desire to duplicate in today's trends.

Busy isn't just for the Bees... take it from Poetry!


As spring fills the air, the first quarter of 2011 comes to a close. We end March with a look at how to maintain a busy schedule amongst all the “to do's” we have in our life. Spring is a time for the blooming flowers, the good ol' outdoors, cleaning, allergies and, events, events! If you are like us at Poetry... you have a wedding, baby shower, bachelor or bachelorette party, birthday, holidays or family vacation all just around the corner. (Or, all of the above!) So where do you start?

An Affair to Remember


We all remember the classic films such as Cinderella, Roman Holiday or even Shakespeare in Love, A Knight's Tale and Ever After. Often the prince and princesses are gathered in eccentric fancily clad outfits and the sound of trumpets fills the air as they enter into the castle on horse and carriage to attend the royal ball. The momentous wedding or event held amongst their guests and towns people while flags are waving in the air and the royal court sitting in pompous chairs with orchestra music humming in the background, while beautifully decorated scenery, food, and extravagant ornate décor line the palace walls from the ceiling to the floor.

Coming Full Circle


As with many brides my own personal budget was very tight. As a deal seeker I searched high and low for the best deals and steals out there. My first order of business was pulling my resources together. Brides, your girlfriends are loaded with ideas especially those who are already married or who have that “always the bridesmaid syndrome.”

"Marry Me, Today & Everyday..."


A song can define a moment. It can bring an audience together with some hundred thousand lighters or best friends in a car ride belting to high notes reminiscing of favorite high school pop songs.

But no song is quite as memorable as those chosen on one's wedding day. Here at Poetry we define our motion by our photographic memories. But one of the most subtle defining moments to a wedding day are two main dances. Those we call the First dance and Father & Daughter and/or Mother & Son dance. The last wedding I attended was none other than Poetry's Vice President, Tony Hady and his wife Chrystal Kendrick. I remember each song specifically but I have to say that my favorite song was when Chrystal and her father came out and danced to Forever Young by Rod Stewart. The refreshing upbeat tempo and the climax of Stewart's voice intermixed with the newly Mrs. Hady and her father was heart-warming and enticing. Their smiles and connection made you feel as if you were watching the years grow and their forever bond seamlessly move upon the dance floor. The whole crowd of guests clapped and swayed, mouthing each word and singing along. Thus, a song can embed a moment forever as it did for these wonderful newlyweds.