Katie & Chris


Inspired by her island roots, Susan Tom-Nellis of Peony and Plum captures the essence of beautiful simplicity in every arrangement she makes. If you are looking for chic and you are looking for unique Peony and Plum is the florist for you. What I love about Susan’s arrangements is her variety. Susan is not afraid to branch out and use unordinary pieces for her arrangements and that is something I think any bride can appreciate. 


Peony and Plum added such an elegant touch to Katie and Chris’ beautiful outdoor wedding. The simple pastel palette added a touch of elegance and vintage flair to an already naturally beautiful space. I don’t know about you but photography is so important to me. This is one aspect that I’ve been extremely particular about during my wedding planning. Having a photographer who is able to get all the intimate details of one of THE most important days of your life, yeah that’s kind of a big deal. 


Maybe I’m just emotional about my own day coming up soon but when I was browsing through Lily Stein Photography’s online gallery the pictures brought tears to my eyes. Lily’s attention to the small details really is what took my breath away. One of my favorite pictures from her site would have to be the picture of the bride and groom on the dance floor with their guests around them in black and white and the couple as the only ones in color. The bride’s face says it all, complete and utter joy *sigh* LOVE IT!!!! 


Lily was able to capture such precious moments of Katie and Chris’ day. If you appreciate the tiny details like I do then you’ll love Lily. From the shot of Katie putting her earrings on to the oh so delicious and oh so fabulous red velvet cupcakes, Lily made sure to get it all. 


Speaking of cupcakes, has anyone else noticed how BIG cupcakes have gotten in what the past year? I love how couples are incorporating them into their wedding like Katie and Chris, so cute! 


Now let’s talk venue. Katie and Chris celebrated at the GORGEOUS Calamigos Ranch in Malibu. Now maybe I’m biased because this is near my stomping ground but Calamigos Ranch really is absolutely stunning for any event, especially a wedding. 


Tucked away in the hills of Malibu you find Calamigos Ranch. It was so quaint and so perfect Katie and Chris’s special night was the epitome of magical. From the dangling lights in the trees to even having the trees fall down, yes TREES FALLING down, every moment entwined into a night they will never forget. 


Calamigos Ranch sits on 130 acres of sheer gorgeousness. I’m an advocate for a space that is naturally aesthetically pleasing and Calamigos is just that. Able to accommodate any style whether you want an intimate75 or grand 500 Calamigos can create something fitting just for you. The Ranch has been the setting for tons of TV shows and movies. The beautiful factor aside, that’s just cool in my book. 


It’s always so fun to share these memories. Thank you Katie & Chris we wish you the best! 


Flowers: Peony and Plum
Photography: Lily Stein
Venue: Calamigos Ranch